Undegraduate Research Project on Swarming Intelligence


The goal of this project is to develop a swarm of intelligent agents using NXT Mindstorms robots to efficiently complete given tasks. This goal was achieved by developing a communication protocol and designing a sonar-based navigation system for multiple agents. The communication protocol utilizes the Bluetooth API and object-oriented message routing for message deliveries to agents via host PC, serves as a communication hub, a network backbone for processing the robot's data and the decision-making logic. The swarm control system on the host PC is multithreaded, so it is scalable in terms of task parallelism. Low- and high-level communication protocol for multiple agents were developed and tested. The navigation system is based on the ultrasound beacons approach that has several subsystems:

Thus, we have developed an NXT Lego Mindstorms platform for studying intelligent swarming behavior.

Technical Presentation

Video Presentation